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Groundwater and Environmental Assessment Services

Jon Bartley provides independent groundwater and environmental assessment services.

Jon has worked in the groundwater and broader environmental field for over 30 years and has a breadth of real world experience - gained through site-specific and regional investigations, undertaking expert reviews, and by providing project management and policy development support to Government.

His training and experience underpin the clear and concise advice, and independent expert services he provides in the following areas:

  • Project scoping, management, and delivery

  • Expert technical review

  • Monitoring network design, review and management

  • Assessment of background groundwater condition and beneficial uses

  • Supply and source area risk assessment and protection approaches

  • Strategies and processes for cost-effective data collection and reporting

  • Interactions with surface water, wetlands, and related resource and quality issues

  • Recycled water storage and irrigation to minimise impacts on groundwater

  • Water resource availability and options for integrated storage and supply

  • Monitoring data evaluation, interpretation and reporting

  • Developing hydrogeological conceptual models for targeted investigations

  • Numerical and analytical modelling to support investigations and assessments

  • Support compliance reporting for PAN, works approval and extraction licenses

  • Strategic planning, policy, and guideline development for resource management

  • Program tender specifications and procurement support

Clients include:

  • Environmental Auditors

  • Water Authorities

  • Catchment Management Authorities

  • Government Departments and Agencies

  • Environmental, Agricultural, Geotechnical and Engineering Consultants

We are happy to provide a detailed curriculum vitae and examples of specific projects on request.

Groundwater Services



Water source options

Well head, catchment and resource protection

Sustainable wastewater storage and use

Landfill development and monitoring

Land and water salinisation

Surface water - groundwater and GDE's

Data management and reporting

Monitoring network design and management

Analytical and numerical modelling

Technical review

Water policy and planning



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